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Custom Fences and Gates

A beautiful custom made driveway gate and fence can be a focal point or point to your home or office while serving as a barrier to your property for those that are not welcome. Designing a driveway gate is about understanding the landscape design of the property. Fencer 3000, a customer based company, takes both of these into consideration with every custom driveway gate project.

At Fencer 3000, we focus on both aesthetics and function. Before starting a project we communicate with our customers to understand the purpose of the gate and how it will fit into the architecture, landscape, and design of the property. We also keep in mind that the gate needs to be a secure entry point that blends into the overall architecture of the property, whether it be for your home or office. Building any effective fence or gate begins with listening to what is important to our customers. We provide you with custom designs and work with our design team to create the perfect custom solution that addresses your needs.

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